Mundane & Sublime

I’m trying to decide between meaningfulness and happiness. To help me sort out a few short term goals.  I’m not kidding.  Ask my friend Eileen.  Or my friends Allison and Stephen.  Have lunch with me this week or just read on. I think I’m in an early-old-mid-life crisis.  If it was only “mid-life” and not … Continue reading Mundane & Sublime

Coaches & Mentors

Hallelujah! I’ve lost 12 pounds in the last two months.  My new avoid-diabetes-diet started on Wednesday, January 13 when I got the results of my blood tests. Fasting blood sugar — 118.  HgbA1C — 6.4.  If you don’t know, that means a hairbreadth away from a full-on diagnosis of Type II Diabetes. My doctor was … Continue reading Coaches & Mentors

Green is for Gun

I signed up to be a volunteer usher at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco (the JCCSF) several months ago as a way to meet new people, participate in community, and also admittedly to see/hear their Arts and Ideas events for free. I’d been attending quite a few events (Maria Popova, Sherry Turkle, and … Continue reading Green is for Gun

On my mind…

I’ve been procrastinating writing like crazy.  It’s challenging to be a human these days, let alone write down thoughts I feel strongly about.  Especially if I think others might disagree with me. I love respectful dialogue, but I don’t really want to invite conflict or attack.  I run the risk because I believe it’s important … Continue reading On my mind…