Bumpy Landing…

7 thoughts on “Bumpy Landing…”

  1. Did you post the Krista Tippet interview with Brene Browne?

    I myself often reflect on the contradiction between my desire for and actual love of solitude and the sudden turn I sometimes take into that horrible heavy vulnerable feeling of loneliness. I heard someone (maybe Amy Schumer) say that depression feels to her like “homesickness”. I can remember feeling homesick for the first time. It felt like an actual sickness. Feeling lonely feels something like that for me, like I’ve picked up some virus that makes me feel “not myself” and I just want someone to hold me and make the feeling go away. We all need someone or some ones in our life to summon and listen and hold us when that happens.

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    1. Hi Anita, Yes, if you click on the highlighted and underlined Brene Brown, in an excellent interview with Krista Tippett, and then scroll to near the bottom of the article, you’ll find the audio of the interview. Enjoy.

      And yes, the difference between that wonderful feeling that comes along with experiencing the joy of solitude is night and day different than feelings of loneliness. Night and day. I too experience it similarly to you, as if I’ve pick up a virus and feel, as you said, “not myself”. It’s not entirely unrelated to the feeling of depression, though it is a more specific difficult emotion than the general feeling of depression, or at least the storyline, that comes along with the emotion, is. xo, g


  2. Ahhhh the reflections on loneliness really speak–cool loneliness–warrior identity. I am so happy for last year’s goals and accomplishments. You continue to INSPIRE. I hold you in my heart as we embrace this year’s goals. YES!

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  3. Gayle. I loved the truth of this, and the complexity. Solitude…loneliness. I have a long term partner (actually he’s my husband now) and still experience loneliness at times. Often after a trip. Like after the week I spent in NYC (Nov. 2-9) seeing my daughter and friends and family, super busy every moment. I would like to talk more, in person. So you are invited to a lunch with me, some Mon, wed. or FRi. Next week is very free. Email me dgerson646@gmail.com or call 415 550 1030, and let’s make a date.


    1. Thank you Deborah. Yes, the complexity of it all. Wanting, needing to be alone, then not. Wanting some solitude. Not too much. When I was young and married, the last year of my disintegrating marriage, while living with him and my child, it was still the loneliest year of my life. And yes, lunch would be great.


  4. Ah, thanks Melody. This one wasn’t hard to write, but it was hard to post. Vulnerability and all that. Thank you for your supportive words and love. xo, g


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