Tiny steps…

6 thoughts on “Tiny steps…”

  1. Gayle, Once again, you put those rambling thoughts in my head into cohesive and compelling writing. Thank you so much, for being you, for caring and not being afraid to admit that you DO care, about the things that really matter. Bundles of love and hugs, toni


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    1. Dear Toni, Thank you so much for your kind and supportive words. Sometimes I am so afraid to write what I have in my head for fear that no one will “get” me. But I just have to remind myself that that can’t possibly be true. But still, I never really know for sure, unless I hear it from someone beside myself. Much love to you too! xo, g


  2. You are a gem, Gayle Markow. What a lovely (well more than lovely for sure) piece of writing and thinking. I don’t usually comment when I read something like this, but then you wouldn’t know that I read it and appreciated it. Yeah, kindness for sure. And art. And being present and grateful. And making sure the people you love know it. Oh, I forgot to say humor. I’m not too sure of a lot either but making things works for me. And then sharing the creative process. (Do you know I teach art to kids?). And the back and forth of that. And appreciating beauty wherever it pops up. Like in this piece of writing by you, Gayle. Thank you for that. It really does help balance out the dark spots.

    Candy and play dough. I was crazy about play dough. Even the smell of it.

    Love, Robin (your cousin)

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  3. Dear Robin, Thank you so much for your post. I know that you are an artist and make very beautiful jewelry, but I didn’t know that you also teach art to kids. I am happy to know this and look forward to our knowing more of each other. I used to love the smell of play dough too. 🙂 Love, your cousin Gayle


  4. Again, I love your writing, the stream of thought, the weaving of past to present. I wish I could be in your circle tonight with talking stick. I love you, I love who you are. I treasure our frirndship and send virtual hugs of hope–more knowledge, more clarity, PEACE AND BALANCE. Xxxxoooooooo

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    1. Thank you Melody! The new year’s eve circle was awesome. I wish you could have been there too, but seriously you can start one where you are! I love you too, and hope to see you sometime soon, here or in nyc! xo, g


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