The Blue Bench

In a way it started with loneliness.  But in another, more practical way, it started with my daughter asking if she and her beloved could have their small wedding in my back yard. I said Yes, of course!  What else would I say? I love my daughter more than all the stars in a cloudless … Continue reading The Blue Bench


Having met with a favorite friend, Sara, for breakfast at the restaurant, Toast, I was feeling happy and open-hearted as I strolled up West Portal Avenue last Monday, a warm spring day.  I wandered into the Bookshop and bought a few books for a favorite little friend whose 2nd birthday is coming up soon. There … Continue reading Wanderment

Fake news…

Did you know that I was lovers with Eldridge Cleaver? You didn’t? The crazy thing is, neither did I!  Not until this past year when my cousin Neil told me,  asking point blank, “Did you have an affair with Eldridge Cleaver?” What??!!  Who told you that? I gasped. We all thought you had.  My mom … Continue reading Fake news…

Ah…. Youth.

I once had a boyfriend named Michael.  Ok.  Michael Dille, if you want to know the whole name.  I don’t care.  I somehow doubt he’s still alive.  And, if he is, I still don’t care. I’ve googled him once or twice to see what became of him, but never found a trace. The romance lasted … Continue reading Ah…. Youth.