My dream job…

5 thoughts on “My dream job…”

  1. Again, we’re thinking along similar lines, Gayle. I think they used to (maybe still do) call those evenings with tea and cookies and friends engaged in listening and discussion “Salons.” I think you want to invite some friends to your Salon. If you send one to me, I’ll accept. With pleasure.

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  2. Longing! Yes it is one of my specialties! That song is a perfect song for that elusive feeling of longing. I could not find the talk but loved the song and so did my mama. . . thank you.


  3. Gayle the first link seems incomplete and I’m wanting to see/read. Love the poem and photos. Love your thinking and feeling–I want that group too! Xo m

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    1. Hi Melody, not sure which link you mean. They all seem to work for me. If you let me know which one you can’t get, I’ll email you the link. xo, g


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