A Lot of People Have Been Dying Lately

12 thoughts on “A Lot of People Have Been Dying Lately”

  1. Thank you, dear Gayle, for taking the time to connect all these dots about death with such compassion and elegant articulation. What a gift it is that you do your deep thinking out loud and share it so generously.

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      1. I love the photo you chose of Cody’s memorial. It shows the beauty, heartache and community all in one. I still struggle over that one but as you pointed out “impermanence is part of the plan.” Love you


      2. Totally love that photo. Thank you for sending it my way Terri. I wish I could post it bigger, so people could see better. Yes, maybe I will do that. Make it bigger. It’s SO beautiful. I want people to be able to see. xo, g


  2. Thank you, Gayle. Again you’ve found a way to put words on a page in such a powerful way. I’m sharing this, as death has recently (and more frequently) been a subject of conversation among friends.

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    1. Thanks Anita! Yes, such an important conversation. And now, in these modern days, there’s so much out there to support our conversations. We just have to take it in, own it, process it, and figure out our own relationship to it. Fear, intrigue, belief, faith, doubt. The whole 9 yards, or as JKZ reported Zorba saying, the full catastrophe! xo, g


  3. So well expressed and, in my case, so greatly appreciated. … including Anita’s encouragement!

    When I reached landmark birthdays I used to sooth myself with how much time I probably had left. This late spring when I reached 70 I knew what my final “work” was: to witness, listen and say “good-bye” with compassionate grace until it comes to my own departure and then do the same if so blessed.


    1. thanks for writing your thoughts Deb. I agree, I think in this “season” of our lives, our “work” will be increasingly to witness with as much compassionate grace as we have in us. I love the way you put it. xo, g


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