memory lane aka 24th street in the Mission, & a short restaurant review…

5 thoughts on “memory lane aka 24th street in the Mission, & a short restaurant review…”

  1. This brings back memories for me too. I remember riding into SF on our bikes when you lived in the Mission. I loved visiting you there and walking around what to me seemed like another country. I loved the panaderia and the colorful stores. I loved your apartment full of colorful posters and political statements. This brings back memories for me too.

    As an aside I had to laugh a bit when you said your salad at the restaurant (which by the way sounded yummy) the usual stuff: ad the usual stuff, jicama and guava, and guava-cilantro vinaigrette. You have definitely lived in SF a long time – only in SF would this be the usual stuff in a salad. 🙂

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    1. haha. actually, the usual stuff was the usual stuff, lettuce, cucumbers, etc. Also there was queso freso (not the usual), and then of course, the very unusual jicama and guava. The next time you’re up here, we can go. I can totally vouch for the uber-delicious and gluten free Camarones in garlic butter sauce. And the salad. I might even go for a glass of sangria. (If only they had mojitos! which they don’t, at least not on the menu). As you know, I don’t really drink alcohol, but if I did, mojitos would definitely be my drink. I remember that picture of you and Alex on your bikes in our little patio in front of the earthquake cottage we lived in on the 300 block of Capp St. maybe 1979 or 1980? Was that your several thousand mile honeymoon bike ride through the northwest? Sweet memory! xo, g


  2. How did I miss this? Oh yeah, the suddenly-broken printer, the lost gold crown, the internet connection so slow I must have lost a whole day out of the week just waiting after the click, the burned out car headlamp. . .and on and on. . .It was “one of those weeks.” But today, a nice surprise–two posts, including one about an evening I got to share LIVE in the Mission! 🙂


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