Women’s Marches, meaning & aftermath

7 thoughts on “Women’s Marches, meaning & aftermath”

  1. Excellent blog, as always. I love the proactive message of “Energize, unite, engage and don’t let them steal your joy.” I sunk in to anxiety and despair in reaction to the evil that happened at the hands of DT yesterday. My worst depression since the election. Today I am back on track. I refuse to let him disturb my peace of mind. My therapist gave me a personally powerful mantra when my inner peace starts plummeting. “Don’t give him that power.” I’ve been writing and calling my senators and making donations to Planned Parenthood, ACLU, Everytown for Gun Safety, Emily’s List, Southern Poverty Law Center, and our local food bank, among others. I’m retired and on a fixed income but I am committing to $100.00 each month to an organization that I believe in. I try to shine light on everyone around me and be the change I want to see. It’s hard sometimes to keep my light but I remind myself hundreds of times per day to keep and nurture my joy. I am grateful for our friendship and I thank you for the many ways you inform me and touch my soul. We are stronger together.

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    1. Dearest Judy, You have just absolutely made my day today with what you wrote. We are SO all in this together and have to also deal with our own tendencies to give in to despair, give up our joy and/or give away our power as you (and your therapist) said. This is our work now. You are doing it so beautifully and definitely shined your light (and shared it) in this comment. Thank you so much! xo, g


  2. Thanks, Gayle. And thanks to your readers gathered here. Like Judy Poel, I plummeted from the exhilaration of Saturday’s marches (and the reliving of them on Sunday) into fear and powerlessness yesterday. A gathering of friends last night and then this morning photos of that banner hoisted by Greenpeace within seeing distance of the White House are slowly bringing back the energy of resistance. And, I’ve decided, after seeing that banner unfurled, that the word “resist” feels to me quite expansive and free after all.!

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    1. Dear Anita, Your comment led me to “google” Greenpeace and their latest action. Bravo! I can see why you’ve decided the word “Resist” feels expansive and free. Also, as you said yesterday, its relationship to the partisan’s “resistance movement” in Europe during WWII. For now, I’m still going with “engage” for my own purposes, but I see how different words at different times for different people serve to help clarify and energize. Fortunately we have mountains of words (probably more than we know of) that we can use to serve this purpose. Resist and resistance is a great word, with a long and honorable history. xo, g


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