On the importance of connection

4 thoughts on “On the importance of connection”

  1. Lovely One. You should really submit a sample of your blog posts to the Huff Post. You are so good and so yummy. More people should get to follow you.


    On Wed, Jan 11, 2017 at 10:09 AM, Gayle Markow: As I am… wrote:

    > Gayle posted: “The last couple of weeks I spent time thinking, worrying, > and writing about the threatened neo-Nazi march in Whitefish, Montana. Part > of my concern is for the targeted Jews there, and part for how the > uninhibited neo-Nazi threat represents the new, more m” >

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    1. Thank you my dear Allison. I’m not good at submitting. At some point, I will try to screw up my courage. Thank you for always being so supportive and encouraging. xoxo, g


  2. I agree with Allison. Be brave because you are voicing what many of us are having trouble vocalizing. I don’t know what the answer is. We need to keep talking. My first approach has been to try to understand the anger of the other side. The book “strangers in their own land” has been excellent. I have actually seen the pattern described in this book being repeated over and over since. It helps to understand a bit. I don’t feel like their side is trying to understand us so it will make it hard to find unity. It seems so tangled and complicated but like you I know to quit posting our feelings seems to be a step in normalizing him. We must continue trying, connecting and speaking our truths. Love you.

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    1. Thank you Terri. It really is so great and helps so much to feel connected to “others” like you and Allison and others who are seriously reflecting on what is happening, how to proceed, and speaking up. Each of our voices will be unique and important. Together they will form the beauty of the largest chorus ever saying NO to greed, bigotry, demagoguery and YES to kindness, compassion, and inclusivity. I LOVE the possibilities that exist. I just don’t want people to get tired before we really get started, find our groove, find our rhythm, and grow in confidence, harmony, and the “having-of-each-others’-backs”. I believe We Can Do This. Love you. xoxo, g


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