Tribal Matters or… This Little Amygdala

6 thoughts on “Tribal Matters or… This Little Amygdala”

  1. Dear Gayle, I always enjoy reading your blog posts, even if I don’t comment. I am always in overwhelm mode these days from the moment I wake up, and the Internet has a lot to do with it. So usually I respond when it’s easy and I don’t have to think or process too much. I need to slow, yes, my amygdala down I guess. So before reading the news today, I wanted to take the moment to thank you for your thoughtfulness and the sharing of your process. There is a lot to digest here on our “tribes”. I personally don’t like conversing deeply via tap tap tap. So I won’t. I always prefer face to face. But I want to thank you for sharing your blog and for organizing and leading our groups and for being the beautiful person that you are.

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    1. Thanks for writing Maxe. It always helps me to know I’m not alone in facing my personal and political tribulations. I’m glad to know that my blog might be helpful to you and others. xo, g.


  2. As usual your writing resonates and the bond remains–you speak to me and a great deal of what I think too. Meanwhile I’m unfamiliar with the word amygdala guess spellcheck is too it keeps altering it! If you defined it I missed it (SAT SKILLS!) yes TRIBE is how I feel too and consciousness to open it!

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    1. Oh, yes, you’re right Melody. I forgot that little detail! yikes. The amygdala is part of the limbic system. It is sometimes called the dinosaur or reptile brain. It is the part of our brain that works the fastest, in order to detect danger. The amygdala is where Fight, Flight, or Freeze gets triggered. In order not to react by fighting, running away or freezing, it takes an extra fraction of a second for the info to get to the neo-cortex, which is able to process the information in a non-emergency fashion, and come up with a more appropriate solution. Here’s a link to Wikipedia’s definition. xoxo, g


  3. Tribes are an interesting thing to consider. We all want to belong to a tribe and Facebook is part of the tribe – at least the people who you know read and/or respond even if it’s just a like or some kind of emoji. It’s interesting that some people write about not wanting to see political posts and to get back to kitties, what they ate and family pics. I miss that too, but to deny the outlet on Facebook would be to disconnect from a tribe that’s out there in the digital world that also comforts me and supports my over stimulated amygdala. It’s definitely seems like a new world order and Facebook has taken on another facet and seems more tribal. I suppose its all balance like you say. I can only take and process so much, but I can’t totally disconnect either and would not want to. So complicate – so interesting. Thanks for your blog and thoughtfulness.

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    1. Hi Terri, Yes! Facebook too.. another tribe or community. And how we fit or don’t fit into it. And how much it nourishes or depletes us — different amounts of each at different times? Mostly I feel nourished by it these days. Interesting also that FB is actually more diverse than a lot of our daily existences, though it can also tend to get polarized. But I do love the amount of diversity I do experience on FB, and the degree of respectful posting I also experience. I know some people have terrible experiences on FB, but they need to learn to set limits and un-follow people who are rude and/or dis-respectful in the way they engage. Very complicated and challenging. xo, g


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