Feelings and Action When the World is Terrifying

6 thoughts on “Feelings and Action When the World is Terrifying”

  1. I did read the blog you included. I think it is too complicated with too many to do’s. I believe we should start with one. Then build from there. Each day a new day. If we overwhelm ourselves, we become immobilized even as we think we are moving.

    I LOVED your blog however. As always. And I love YOU.


    On Wed, Nov 16, 2016 at 9:29 AM, Gayle Markow: As I am… wrote:

    > Gayle posted: “Feelings are kind of my thing, taking action too. But > feelings, they’re like my weather vane, my early warning system, my > bullshit detector. I ignore them at my own peril. You’ll pardon me if I > get a little agitated when someone tells me to get over it” >


    1. I’m glad you loved mine. Also, I think we all,according to our individual needs and preferences need to titrate the amount and type of info we take in. Different amounts and types float different boats. The blog I recommended totally floated and inspired mine, but I can sure understand that it won’t do that for everyone. Still, I made my best offer. 🙂 xo, g


  2. I think it would be dangerous to “get over it”. Yes, I am trying to cultivate a seed of hope, but his immediate actions don’t nourish that seed. I am still shocked at how not over it I still am and am a bit afraid that feeling normal about this is not in the offing. I actually don’t want to get over it, but I do want to channel this deep sadness and frustration into something positive and move forward, not on. I’m not yet sure what that is yet. Like you I donated to PP in honor of Pence and that felt good. I feel like I’m on high alert now; not something that feels very healthy for the body and soul. Channeling that intensity and hyper vigilance into action will feel good, but for now I think many of us are still grieving. After all it’s been only a week and in that week the signs are not encouraging. Let’s support one another to move through this and on to actions to support the world. Love you. Keep writing.


    1. HI Terri, Thank you for your comment. So glad to hear you also contributed to PP in honor of Pence. I love it. Mom did too! Yes, still grieving, and at the same time starting to move into action. I love this quote I came across today. It feels inspiring. And very on track. “Today marks the seventh day of grieving and sitting Shivah for the loss of our country and the woman who inspired us. As Judaism teaches us, after seven days of Shivah we stand up, we emerge from the dark, we do not have to accept, we do not have to move on, but we stand up.
      So today We emerge from the darkness. We are taught that the righteous do not complain of the darkness bur rather create light. Today we begin to create light and we do so as the resistance and we fight and fight and fight for good, for love and for justice.” — Rabbi Joel Simonds. Love you! g


  3. I went to an event on Sunday that started as an idea of one person to meet up with her FB friends to check in and give each other hugs, and a few days later resulted in 7,000+ people linking arms with friends, family and strangers all the way around Lake Merritt (3.4 miles). In describing the intent of the event the organizers wrote: “We are not here to tell people how to be during this event. We welcome the full range of feeling from a stance of nonviolence. We stand in solidarity with all peoples, all traditions and all feelings.” They chose a title for the event that began with the word “Peaceful” and called it, not a protest, but a “response.”

    I wished later that I had set an intention to simply listen to my own feelings and others’, rather than engaging as much as I did in discussing How did this happen? and “What to do now.” The best part for me was the moment of linking arms and especially the seven minutes of complete silence (which somehow our part of the circle was able to pull off!).

    Thanks for the reminder to stay with the feelings. This is a good antidote, I think, to our human tendency to adapt, to begin to relate to this atmosphere of hatred and fear as some kind of “new normal.” I am promising myself and the world that I will stay aware and awake to the danger of becoming “the good German.”


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