Election day…

4 thoughts on “Election day…”

  1. Gayle, this is a timeless piece, important as the air we breathe. Thank you for introducing us to Suzanne Barakate, her gentle, pure and clear force of speech and grace. My God… may we open our eyes and behave as though we have hearts.

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    1. Yes, exactly Montserrat. Now, may we hear her voice and others like hers more than ever. May they open our hearts and give us courage. xo, g


  2. What brilliant intuition! On the eve of this election, you listened and this story came to you. Now we know that the forces of darkness have won this round. Your piece is one of many reflections that came my way today, urging me to wake up, see clearly, and join with others to take wise action. The moving story of Suzanna Barakate will help me remember my intention.


    1. I believe first we must grieve (all that feels lost), then we must seek our deepest truth and speak it. Today is a day for grief, tomorrow we start familiarizing ourselves with the new landscape.
      xo, g


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