Gratitude. still possible.

9 thoughts on “Gratitude. still possible.”

  1. Beautiful essay. Even in this bleak political landscape we still have much to be thankful for. Thank you for calling attention to these examples of bravery, grace and truth. We will get through this. It’s not going to be pretty or easy but hopefully we will find out way forward and upward through this dark time in history. Love you for speaking your truth.


    1. Thank you Terri. Yes, there’s always much to be thankful for. It wasn’t hard to find when I turned my attention in that direction Love you too! xo, g


  2. Thank you a Gayle for sharing some of your gratitude in the face of it all. I love your writings, like a surprise gift via email each time. I also love having little snippets picked out that I can watch, ones often I haven’t seen….remembering the gratitude.
    Love you,


  3. A beautiful reminder Gayle of how it is not only good but essential to turn our attention toward the positive, toward what sustains us, for without it we would surely wither! You do this very skillfully so as not to be confused with a superficiality, a denial as a “Pollyanna” would. (Including Charles Blow’s article punctuated this!) And how my heart is warmed by knowing my girls are one of your beacons of light…another a blessing we have in common. Con todo mi corazón…Fern

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