Mundane & Sublime

3 thoughts on “Mundane & Sublime”

  1. The writing gets better and better, Gayle. Your writing that is. Could it be that that’s where you find that balance between “happiness” and “meaning”? I so admire your dedication to writing here every week or so, encouraging others like me to live our one precious life to create something of beauty, shining a light, revealing our oneness, making us smile with recognition, lightening our hearts.

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    1. Thank you Anita. I love you too, and deeply appreciate your comments and reflections on my writing as well as on life! Bowing to you. xo, g


  2. Oh Gayle! I am honored and humbled and love that my photos have been inspiring you! My favorite part about the light in this one is the way that it almost animates the blades of grass and defines their individual silhouettes. Light is so important to me, in life and photos and am looking forward to getting out of the fog. Would love to have you up to the ranch once we are all settled in, it gets a lot of sunny days. I hear you, with regard to finding the balance between meaning and happiness, but for me, they are not separate. I can’t feel one without the other. Thank you for this post, I think the older I get the more I seek out the two and the more they meld together and become one. Be well sweet friend, hope you find the balance. xo


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