#Fifty-two — Only Don’t Know

6 thoughts on “#Fifty-two — Only Don’t Know”

  1. Thank you, dear Gayle, for your deep thinking and writing. I hope you keep sharing your own becoming. It helps me deep listen and become more of whom I’d like to become myself.

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    1. Thank you so much Lucy for your witnessing of me and your own deep inner listening “becoming more of whom I’d like to become” — you and me both, and for our friendship. xo, g


  2. Well done! I know you were grappling with how to approach this material. I suspect that you hung out “only not knowing”. . . listening. . .until this wisdom emerged!

    I so appreciate your year of “commitment to self” and the 52 posts that resulted from that promise fulfulled. Also all the civil conversations in between!

    BTW, although one dictionary defines “civil” as “polite”, Wikipedia says this: “Civil discourse is engagement in discourse (conversation) intended to enhance understanding.” That seems about right to me.

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  3. Well done Gayle! And on a very tricky slope at that. I probably am guilty of having contributed to your “tensing” with my comment that I thought that particular On Being Podcast was very dry. That should not be taken as any kind of disrespect in your choice of topic. It simply did not do the thunder bolt to the heart or mind I am used to experiencing with Krista.
    As to civil discourse… I’ve always found it so interesting when a hot topic is broached in a group and strong feelings emerge because clearly a nerve has been nicked. So we try to say our truth about the subject but with that comes fear of judgment and misunderstanding. The best we can ever hope for is to feel herd and have our perspective considered even though others may not agree. That’s civility.

    You are an inspiration. Please keep writing.

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    1. Thank you Montserrat. I”m reading Krista’s new book now, “Becoming Wise”. In it she explains her thoughts about the difficulty and importance and the difficulty (yes, that was an intentional repetition) of civil conversation. The book is SO amazing. I have underlined about 70% of it… Though I’m not very far in, because almost every sentence is rich food for thought and worth mulling over before moving on. Yum yum — to even contemplate the possibility of this degree of human communication. And yes, as you said, with speaking our truth “comes fear of judgment and misunderstanding”. Only the alternative of NOT trying to speak my truth (and therefore NO possibility of being heard and understood) keeps me trying. xo, g


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