The tourist returned…

8 thoughts on “The tourist returned…”

  1. Welcome home, Gayle! I’m so glad you had a fine trip and landed safely back in our midst.

    Yes. The tourist thing. I’ve been re-reading a journal I kept during a trip to Cuba in 1969, and imagining going again. But then, on second thought, knowing that this time I would be there not as an “adventure traveler,” not as a “revolutionary”, but as a tourist, (and a “senior citizen” one at that), one of the throngs that are pouring onto the island now that the door has been flung open.

    I still detect some wanderlust in my soul, but it has more to do now with “lusting” to make deeper connections with people (as you point out), including deepening my connection to the earth itself and her beauties. And I’m always grateful to come home, which is especially easy when Home is San Francisco.

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    1. Yes, exactly. Everything you said Anita. And, I so appreciate your taking the time to write your thoughtful thoughts. Sharing, and deepening the conversation. And yes, we are really lucky. Home is this beautiful Bay Area. xo, g


  2. Welcome home Gayle.

    Soooo enjoyed your “trip tales” and look forward to seeing you on the 20th.

    Hugs and metta, Barbara

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