Crossing the great Atlantic…

5 thoughts on “Crossing the great Atlantic…”

  1. I’ve known you for so long…and yet I learn so much about you from your posts. Thanks for sharing. You’re gonna have a great time. Looking forward to hearing all about it next month!


      1. Think my mom used to say. ” God willing… And the creek don’t rise”

        Take your pillow. Always am more comfortable with my own pillow. Always take my pillow.

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  2. I understand that feeling of happy turning the stomach upside down and the eyes go blurry, so its hard to focus. France is the country that I feel the most whole, the most like me. Bon Voyage!


    1. Good to hear from you Rebekka. Yes. France is some kind of very special place for many of us, who for some reason “get” it. Well, I guess every place could be special in its own way. But you and I share France as that place. Thanks for the well wishes. Hope to see you in the fall! xo, g


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