Papancea* on a Plane

8 thoughts on “Papancea* on a Plane”

  1. “…he’s Covfefe-19 to me. Highly contagious, highly dangerous, life-threatening to vulnerable populations.” EXCELLENT. Yes Mango Mussolini, Cheeto, Cheeze Whiz, Chump, Man-Baby all appeal but too light (and yes, I stopped using “dog” or “pig” as derogatory labels. DEADLY for sure. This morning I was so alarmed to hear a man with a wife who had returned from Europe with a high fever and cough WENT OFF TO WORK. At best, our best habits of behavior do get modeled, and WE AS A NATION are ON EMPTY as far as appropriate behavior modeling!! Very worrisome times on so many, many levels. Stay safe my friend. Caitlin went back to work today after giving birth and being home for 7 months. A new job. My worry for her public transport travels, her exposure to coughs and germs…all feel more shaky than I have ever thought about.


    1. Dear Melody,
      oh, gosh, yes. remember when we had our babies? felt so much more vulnerable and of course your Caitlin and my Anna are STILL and always will be our babies, not to mention your new grandbaby, it’s a fearsome time, with the absolutely worst leader of all time in “charge”. We’re all vulnerable now. xo, g


  2. Welcome home! We’re in the Land of Uncertainty for sure. Trying to decide what’s safe or at least lower risk and factoring in the age thing. . .papancea for sure. I remember when I was on the other side of that “most vulnerable” line…maybe hanging out with 90+year-olds made you feel young in comparison.

    Our Monday morning Older Writers group was cancelled by the folks at the library where we meet. I myself, reminding myself of my number (78 years), have decided to do my part in containing community spread and use of public resources by “maintaining social distance” as much as possible. It’s something I can easily do…no job, no one depending on my care, and to keep me connected with others, there’s the phone and computer and fresh-air encounters. Hope this doesn’t last long! Let me know what you’re thinking about Taralings tomorrow.

    P.S. I can’t imagine how bad this “word finding” thing will be in 20 years (when I reach your mother’s age). It occurred to me just this morning that the day will come when I will have forgotten more words than I can remember! 🙂

    PPS. Your poor face/chin! Sending healing prayers, bows, and elbow bumps. . . ❤


    1. Thx, for the welcome home, Anita! Yes, lots of cancellations happening everywhere. Not planning to cancel the TARA group. We are small, and I’m counting on people to assess if they’re not feeling well, then, not to come. And of course if you or anyone else is feeling extremely vulnerable, then making a decision that works best for each. I know there may come a point where this self quarantine will be required more and more, but I for one cannot see myself completely isolating. For me that feels more life-threatening at this point. But definitely I’m figuring out ways to be more cautious. Much love to you! xo/elbow bump.. And yes, there’ll be no hugging at Tara’s.


  3. Excellent name for he who shall bot be named. I new reference to him is the “defective human” who inhabits egg White House. Comparing him to animals , children or babies is but fair to them. I’m on the side today of trying not to worry. I’m more worried about the economy right now and the fact that we have a defective human in charge. Ugh. Glad you had a nice visit with mom and that you are home safe and sound.


    1. I like your names too. Creativity in the face of disaster is good I think. And worry is “de rigeur” as they used to say. I don’t know anyone who isn’t talking about it… though mostly from the point of view of personal safety and potentional quarantine for everyone, eg Italy. omg. The economy is a whole other level of concern. It’s going to be a wild ride for sure… well, really it already is in the world for millions of people.. the wild ride is finally getting to us, the relatively protected American middle class. Still, we have a 100th birthday party to pull off. Hopefully the Palazzo won’t be in quarantine by then… xoxo, g


  4. Love this from your trip. Hurray for your Mom and you and your siblings. I am 93 (birthday in July) so I am one of the ones they talk about being” vulnerble”. So disapointed not see ing Midsummer with Ballet. My friend and I have had tickets for a while, trying to be grown up about it all, having Trump as President hasn’t helped. Welcome home Gayle.


    1. Dear Ellen, Happy Birthday in advance. At 72, I feel a little vulnerable too, not sure how strong my immune system is, but definitely not what it used to be. So sorry you have to miss the ballet. Some friends and I have tickets for a Sting concert in a week; not sure what will happen to that event, and I have travel plans to Portland at the end of the month, not sure about that either. Between climate crisis, the potus-GOP-FoxNews debacle, and now Covid-19, it seems like we humans are really in for it, though in the shortest term, Covid-19 seems to be having the biggest impact in upending our regular routines. It’s really something. I dread potentially being quarantined. Trying to get ready for that potentiality and wrap my ahead around its meaning for each and everyone of us. Thanks for welcoming me home, Ellen. Much love!


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