3 thoughts on “Wanderment”

  1. So happy to know, see, read that you’re feeling healed enough to write again, Gayle. Thanks for your thoughts and the poem. I too have been longing to walk more in the beauty of woods and gardens, awakening unrested, looking for companion spirits in the words of writers, and unexpectedly–and too often–encountering “the face of Mengele” among the blooming flowers.

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    1. Yes, thank you, dear Anita, for responding. It’s quite the thing when the “face of Mengele” shows up instead of the beauty we hope for. I appreciate Mary Oliver’s writing about it to help me hold the weight of my own dilemma, knowing it is shared not only by humans, but by animals… in this case, the doe and the dog. It went well, but it might not have. Holding so much beauty and danger, remaining vulnerable so as to be able to take in the beauty is real challenging path. Happy we are on it together… xo, g


  2. Oh WOW! The poem is new to me—WOW. Your topics all tantalizingly you and as always your thoughts resonate for me. I await more wandering and clarity, finding words to share. The nude modeling reminds me, how easily we trust(ed), how easily we took our clothes off 😊 and we probably were living together then but I don’t remember this at all. I do remember your jewelry store digs! So many moments—clearer than ever how we all kept secrets, led differing moments within the solidarity, and perhaps how we do not remember everything…love you and grateful for you in my life!😘


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