Fake news…

4 thoughts on “Fake news…”

  1. I love you for telling your story, Gayle— so true and so clear. All your thoughtful research, inside and out, adds up. As I was reading this, I thought…this needs to be a book!
    Yes, a book—the kind we can hold in our hands, put on our shelves, read and reference again
    and again, the kind we give our favorite people on their birthdays.

    Think about it! I’m serious!

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    1. Dearest Lucy, thank you for your kindest comment and support. I am doing my best to peel back the many layers of onion, not just to tell the story, but to make some sense of it. It makes me happy to know my unpeeling has resonance for others. ❤ xo, g.


  2. Ha! Uncovering the fake news of our own lives. I had a similar experience. . .Reconnecting with high school friends many years after leaving my suburban-Chicago home town for Berkeley in the ’60s, hearing these old pals tell me they’d heard I had “joined the Black Panthers”!!

    Thanks for another thought-provoking, conversation-prompting blog post. Your voice gets stronger and stronger. I agree with Lucy. You may be writing a book, expanding the conversation well beyond those fortunate enough to have found you here.



  3. ah, Anita!! You too were in the Panthers?? LOL. and gulp. The stories (fake) that got told, and still get told! I love trying to uncover reality and understanding the process. Thank you too for your kind and supportive words, and for always being willing to be in the conversation with me. xo, g


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