Summer days, long innings, and time passing…

3 thoughts on “Summer days, long innings, and time passing…”

  1. Beautiful essay Gayle. Having been with my husband when he died, all fear and trepidation seem to have disappeared for me. My wish, for myself and everyone, is to die as peacefully and with as much grace as he did.
    My best to you,

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  2. Dearest Gayle, one small consequence of your writing, your commitment to write and share in public format, IS that I am assured there is no accident we have stayed friends, rewoven our friendship, and we rejoice in our filling each other in on the details, and myths of our YOUTH when visits are arranged. I love the specificity of your writing AND it always speaks to my own perceptions, longings, hurdles through the decades. YOU EXPRESS SO MUCH OF THOUGHTS I HAVE OR WISH I HAD–your perceptions resonate for others! No small feat. At a similar age I discovered the passage of time. I remember moments of awareness–grief–over the passage of time, my inability to anchor the world, my life, and hold the precious moments. I LOVE YOU, LOVE YOUR WRITING, LOVE YOUR PUBLIC COURAGE! And I hold our friendship very, very dear; how lucky we were to discover our young selves and be curious about one another via Chicago, JOIN, VISTA, Uptown that bumped us together…then onto the BAY AREA, and then NY with Anna being here. I am grateful for finding each other, and for all that passed on Clifton Ave…then on Sutter…and then beyond!!


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