A Visit to the Doctor…

2 thoughts on “A Visit to the Doctor…”

  1. Thank you, dear Gayle. Because I’m out of the loop of outer world news due to an unexpected & overwhelming upheaval in my personal life, those stories you told your doctor have helped re-engage me with my intention to heal myself, then seek with others positive ways of healing the larger worlds in which we all live.

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  2. Once again, you speak very similar feelings and experiences! GRATITUDE! I love my GP, a younger woman, mother, sensitive and attentive. SHE has decided to get off the “treadmill” of the now Hospital-connected practice where my parents went, and I’ve known for years, the new way your doctor’s practice is run and connected to HOSPITALS running things (lots of networks pointing you to their peeps). She reached her tipping point, unable to visit her patients at the hospital once admitted, “no way to BILL to visit; no time away from treadmill to go to hospital,” wanting more “control” over HER dr-patient relationship she has LEFT TO OPEN HER OWN PRACTICE which is “concierge”–THE RECENT CREATION TO pay a few grand ahead of time for wonderful availability to your doctor–like the old days! I do recall my pediatrician making HOUSE CALLS. She is the THIRD DOCTOR I REALLY LIKE to announce they won’t take MEDICARE (therefore your secondary does not kick in) OR to stay their patient you must do this CONCIERGE ARRANGEMENT. She also said it is NOT ABOUT OBAMACARE. It’s very disturbing, and all of us “RESISTERS” know the improvements to health care affordability and access for ALL are NOT BEING RESEARCHED, and written into new law by this DISGUSTING REGIME and PARTY IN CONTROL. Very clear–well Cruz and Rand cloak the issue as one of FREEDOM OF CHOICE, so that I belly laugh–but clearly the Repukes do not consider health care a RIGHT in this WEALTHY NATION. CARE is for those who can pay; the poor will go back to waiting, letting symptoms escalate and get more serious, resorting to ER CARE (my experience at the ER pre Obamacare meant about $3000 for 2 hours and an ambulance ride that OUR POLICY DID NOT COVER; who knew to suspect or look for whether an ER is or is NOT PART OF A HOSPITAL, or an AMBULANCE RIDE COSTS ALMOST $1000 but is NOT COVERED?? ) People do not anticipate all forms of what MIGHT HAPPEN, the myriad of diagnoses or expenses till they are MIDST THE ILLNESS. AND MID CRISIS IS NOT A TIME TO SHOP!!! You’re in a diminished state–you need CARE. But we learned this GAP IN COVERAGE several times over the last decades. Even medical people like YOU don’t anticipate all the possible things it could be AHEAD OF TIME…or the mystery of all the symptoms adding up! I am in a very similar BOAT. This morning the medication my doctor prescribed (since I showed her the med that had helped–and she was aghast at it being TEN YEARS OLD!). But Medicare & AARP/United Health WON’T PAY FOR WHAT SHE PRESCRIBED. Now she’s gone from the practice when I called to get a different prescription! AS WITH THE PRESIDENCY–I come from the 50s-60s–when choosing to be a doctor or nurse had some NOBILITY, the willingness to HELP, to HEAL…something is so fucking wrong!


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