Me, Lisa, Laurie, and Emma…

5 thoughts on “Me, Lisa, Laurie, and Emma…”

  1. Good one, Gayle! Reminds me of a poem written by a member of my writing group, the daughter of Communists growing up in the ’30s and ’40s who, like the unhappy judgmental FB poster, thought that those truly dedicated to a cause must allow no room in their boat for “pointless” joy. Her poem was about a birthday party–hers–to which no other children were invited. Only her parents’ friends of their generation were invited to the house to celebrate her birth–a fund-raiser for some good cause or other, with specific request that no presents be brought for the birthday girl.

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    1. Thanks for commenting Anita. That sounds like a powerful poem. I’m sure a lot of children of true believers of every stripe (especially religious or politically “religious”) suffered this kind of snuffing out of joy. So tragic. I 100% agree with Emma Goldman. In the 60s, we had enough drugs (mostly marijuana, but also mescaline, etc) and the newly found freedom of “free sex” not to fall into joylessness, but that didn’t keep severe judgementalism in the form of guilt-tripping from coming into play. We were allowed to “play” and “celebrate” in whichever were the ways the leaders of any given group thought appropriate. I was subjected to it, but never entirely submitted. Still I was affected in a negative way, doubting myself, feeling guilty, feeling not enough. But I also didn’t think they were right. So I never joined.


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