Scabies (and sh*t) happen…

11 thoughts on “Scabies (and sh*t) happen…”

  1. Another virtual hug heading your way. Are you going to take the medication or see what happens? I’d probably be in the see what happens camp??!! And I must have really not liked the tutorial on hand washing because I don’t even remember that exchange and probably blocked it. Funny because we have a friend who is a public health inspector and is “psycho” about washing things properly, etc. He is the one who always gets sick – I think that it’s because he is so clean that he hasn’t built up resistance to anything. But that is just my made up story and know that I should wash my hands better and will try. Love you and grateful that you were there for mom during that trying time. xoxoxo

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    1. dear ter, I hope you know I was relating that story in a light-hearted way. your hand-washing technique, btw, is fine. it’s the millions of microbes you pick right back up on them when you turn off the faucet without a paper towel in between you and the faucet. LOL. Still, I probably get sick more often than you, so there’s probably something to your theory. As for the medicine, I took it. Too paranoid. Besides once I heard Mom’s diagnosis I’ve been itching like crazy. psychologically-based I’m sure, but hopefully the medicine works.. physically, and/or psychologically! xoxo, g


  2. Love this one, Gayle! That urge to avoid danger, prevent shit from happening is so human AND drives all of us crazy, i.e. is the cause of so much suffering. And the differences between individuals on the risk-aversion scale can also be a source of stress, tension, ill-will, judgment. I see it in myself and in my relationships. Hope the itching stops all around, the one on the skin that is. The one in the mind, the itch to think we’re in control, won’t stop, but I hope we can diagnose it quickly when it appears and keep it from spreading!

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    1. thanks for your comment Anita. For your insight, and taking the conversation another fat step forward. So appreciate your considering, compassionate mind/heart. xoxo, g


  3. No offense taken – I knew it was lighthearted and I also know that I’m not that careful and probably should be a bit more attentive. I’ve been a little itchy myself lately just hearing the story – the power of suggestion. Fingers crossed that I am already in the safe zone. Time will tell.

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    1. haha.. I think you’re probably just fine (your handwashing that is). As far as the buggers, you’re not out of the woods yet. they can take quite a few weeks to manifest after initial infection. but, like me, your itching is most likely psychological. it’s a normal human response.. still keep an eye for little burrowing lines or a rash… sorry. 😦


      1. ps.. maybe there’s some more natural way to preventatively treat. I”m supposed to use the “poison” medicine one more time in one week (just to make sure) but I might try to figure out some alternative approach. Less toxic for the human host, but equally effective. Haven’t found it yet, but plan to look…


  4. Love your writing
    Hope your Mom is all better very soon
    Hope you can escape having this condition
    Glad you are back near us
    Sending hugs
    Xoxo xoxo
    Sandy and Jere


  5. Dear Sandy and Jere, Thank you so much. I’m hoping Mom and I are both on the mend! Thank you guys for being loyal readers and great neighbors! xo, g


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