“Strong but exhausted but strong”

2 thoughts on ““Strong but exhausted but strong””

  1. Beautiful Gayle. I love the poetry and the metaphor of this backdrop and constant noise that had infiltrated our days. And like you I am feeling a bit compass less. Maybe it’s the zig and the zagging that Obama talked about with history and we will feel that also. It’s hard to be on 100 percent of the time, not to mention exhausting. Hopefully there are enough of us that at all times the work is being done. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Love you.

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    1. Thank you for reading my blog and responding Terri. It means a lot to me. I agree “it’s hard to be on 100 percent of the time…” I think it would probably be easier to take the “down time” each of us truly needs if we felt we had an overview of how our resistance is organized and forward-moving in a way we could understand better. It’s clear there’s a LOT going on but whether it is organized in any strategic way that will “pan out” in the end, I can’t get a hold of yet. In any case, it is beyond valuable to have “fellow travellers” on this wild and dangerous path history has offered us to walk at this time. xoxo, g


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