Silver linings, etc…

10 thoughts on “Silver linings, etc…”

  1. I finally had time to read your wonderful blog. I’m most grateful for those two words—
    REST ( not “resist,” a word I often question these days) and ENTHUSIASM (god within).
    Now, it’s on to community building with LOVE, something you’ve already shown us how to do, those of us who are lucky enough to be in one of your Buddhist based groups.

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    1. From the time I was a child, I hated bullies, in all their incarnations. People who have the good fortune to feel empowered, whether by physical or mental energies, by social or political class or because they are a nurse, police officer, teacher, whatever — in other words in a power position over people who are weaker — need to be taught the importance of kindness and respect. As a nurse I have witnessed a LOT in my career, the best and the worst. The worst is worse than not Ok. xo, g


  2. Deep bows of gratitude for your open-hearted offerings of refuge in community, of encouragement, kindness, enthusiasm, and persistant practice of being here now. xo

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  3. Thanks so much for linking Shepard Smith from FOX news…. Really?… someone sane who reports on Fox? I didn’t think that was possible.
    This whole mess is really tiring. What to do? what to do? Resistance … of course….
    But, this press conference/reality show was so depressing. Especially so if you dare to watch most of the other FOXNews shows about it. And to think that so many people exclusively watch FOXNews. I had a recent quick trip to Tennessee for a baby shower. Tennessee voted for Trump like California voted for Hillary. I listened to the car radio and could find only country music (which I like) or Rush Limbaugh. He is On the air ranting for hours, all day actually, delivering one lie after another. If all you hear about the government/election/politics comes from the mouths of hosts from fOXNews or Rush Limbaugh, how can you think differently from them?

    Maybe the popularity of TV reality shows can take some of the blame for this dysfunctional country of ours. I was taken in by many reality shows, thinking them to be true representations of life. I was taken in by what I believe to be the first reality TV show that America made popular, “Survivor”. But closer examination of all of the edits and cuts finally led me to believe that we had all been let down the path that had been choreographed by the directors and producers of this “reality show”. These reality shows lead most people to believe they are true when in fact they are only edited to be the truth that the producers want us to see, lead by what the producers feel will generate a big audience.
    Trump’s campaign and now presidency is just another reality show for many people. They like the adversity that Trump shows to the media, they like his bravado and challenge to what he calls fake media. It’s all just another entertainment show to them. They like the star and therefore they support him undyingly.
    What is really scary is that Trump may succeed in muting accurate news.

    It’s easy to dismiss Trump as dumb, uninformed –but we really need to understand that Trump seems to be pretty good at creating a reality show that is entertaining. More people watched the Republican debates this year because of Trump’s crazy outlandish statements. More people watched the presidential debate’s this year probably because of Trump’s reality show following. In all of his non-coherent sentences, he seems like one of the regular people, the regular people who believe reality shows to be true. He may be smarter than we all realize… and … therefore may be a greater threat to our country than any of us really know.

    I hope the “fake news” he rants about is true… that this “Russia” connection brings him down. But then what: Pence? Or perhaps even scarier: Paul Ryan? Reagan was scary. Bush was scary. This transition is so much worse.

    So sorry for the rant and so appreciative for all your writings, and actions.

    PS: On a brighter note, I am happy to see that your mom appears to be getting stronger and appears to be recovering. I’m sad to hear that her care is probably not up to par and not surprised that you are there to monitor and help ( even from SF). Your mom is an inspiration to many of us and please tell her that I’m sending only positive vibes her way.

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    1. Dear Sue, I appreciate all that you wrote about Trump and reality shows. It’s creating a huge challenge for all of us, and as you said, it may be even a more dangerous situation than we know. And… thank you for your kind comments about Mom! xo, g


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