Tom Hayden and me.

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  1. I love you Gayle!!!!!!!

    On Thu, Oct 27, 2016 at 7:40 AM, Gayle Markow: As I am… wrote:

    > Gayle posted: “My own political awakening began early and started > manifesting in high school. I had little understanding of how the system > worked but my parents were Democrats and I had a natural affinity for > liberal politics. After all, by the time I was eleven, I’d” >

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  2. I remember it being so much easier in the days of Tom Hayden and SDS to “do something.” Especially for those who found ourselves on college campuses, the possibilities for action were everywhere–march against the war, join a women’s consciousness-raising group, sit-in to demand freedom of speech and Black and Brown studies programs, etc. Then for decades it was hard to see that anyone was fighting back, hard to think of doing anything besides voting and hoping for the best.
    What gives me new energy and hope are the myriad signs that we’re in a new era of rising up, getting organized, creating opportunities to join in, to “do something” from wherever we are. Along with this increased activity, there seems to be a growing understanding that wherever we’re involved, whether that’s
    –protecting the planet by supporting the Standing Rock Sioux,
    –protecting democracy by working for progressive candidates and voting against neo-fascism,
    –fighting racism by understanding our own role in maintaining the system that benefits from it,
    –supporting those within the school system and healthcare system who are fighting privatization of these public institutions,
    –or reaching out with our words, in blog posts or poems or dharma talks, to build the consciousness we’ll need to make it the world we need. . .
    . . .wherever we’re taking action, it’s all part of the same struggle against the same system. Or, as the main banner said at the People’s Climate March: “It Takes Everyone to Change Everything!”
    Thanks, Gayle, for all you do, including this dependably thought-provoking and heart-opening blog!

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    1. I love your key points of the variety of ways that people are getting involved in changing things for the better. In a vast variety of opportunities, we can join in. Ultimately we’re all inter-connected and I think people are more creative than ever before. So much work and play and work to do… for the long haul. I so appreciate your contributions here Anita and to all these struggles for a much better, fairer, kinder world. xo, g.


  3. You inspired me in my youth. You were “participatory” in every way and smart and adventurous. My political leanings come from my inspiration from all you did and do to this day. I watched carefully while you campaigned for Johnson/Humphrey, fought for human rights in Central America and in Palestine to your current work with people with disabilities. I was just a little girl. You were and are an inspiration. Keep writing and doing the good work. Love you.

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  4. From the bottom of my heart to yours, thank you for these loving words of support, Terri. I wish I could have been a “better” big sister. I guess we all do our best. I SO admire the work you do in the world Terri, so I’m happy to know that I played some small part in inspiring your participation. Then you picked up the ball and ran with it in your own beautiful ways. Love you!


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