10 thoughts on “Papancea”

  1. Hi Gayle,
    Another beauty! I am one of your friends who feel joy reading your thoughtful articulating; personal as well as crafting clearly your questions, thoughts and feelings in a disciplined way to communicate for and to many of us! Profound gratitude!! Today I particularly hear your mixture of response to the other writer maybe getting inspired by your writing, latching on to a same thought with no crediting, putting an important idea Out there with no acknowledgement or consciousness it bounced off someone else’s idea. I have these thoughts more and more these last years–reflection on contribution and “worth” so difficult to separate from judgement–based on painful experiences of voicing a creative idea or solution that then someone else shepherds, getting IT moved along or blatantly then OWNS as the creative source. Because I have also “learned” the cost of that marginalization from my own ideas, it’s making me on guard when I feel it happening now. Hmmmm.
    Continue your sensitive voice–I listen with joy, connection, and reflection. Xo Melody

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    1. Ah Melody, in this San Luis Obispo motel room, on my way south to Ojai I feel held in your loving reflective gaze. I cannot begin to tell you what it means to me to hear your thoughts, your heartfulness and wisdom. Your words are powerful. I feel heard and loved. and hear and love you back! It feels like conversation. It feels like deep connection xo, g


  2. I’m going to “steal” Melody’s succinct response to another beautiful from-my-heart/mind-to-yours post. Here goes: “I listen with joy, connection, and reflection.” Also wondering if you’ve thought of submitting a few of these, (the ones that make reference to Buddhism) to a Buddhist ‘zine or even to the Huffington Post (they have a section on religion or something like that). xo

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    1. Anita, I’m so grateful for your always showing up for the conversation. Your willingness to engage, listen deeply & well and offer your own reflections. 🙂 Your suggestion to submit one or more essays to a buddhist ‘zine or maybe even the Huffington post is intriguing. I will contemplate this. xo, g


  3. I see you beautiful friend . . . and I get it. I LOVE your blog!!!!!!!!!!!


    On Thu, Oct 20, 2016 at 8:55 AM, Gayle Markow: As I am… wrote:

    > Gayle posted: “I have a new word for you. Well, not new to all of you. > It’s a very popular word in buddhism, probably only after the words dharma > and dukkha. (Dukkha being suffering, so you know that’s popular). Partly we > love papancea because it sounds so funny – pa” >


    1. Thank you dear Allison for always getting me, and seeing me more clearly than I often do. So much gratitude and love. xo, g


  4. I love reading your blog! I feel like I should have something clever or some thought provoking comment and do not so leave it at that. Thank you sweet friend for over and over sharing all that you do.


  5. Papancea or ADD ? Thanks Gayle, i guess i often wondered myself where does my mind fit in?

    I am currently down in South Florida enjoying the sunshine, rain, Maria’s family and hoping that Hillary will win this election. I am among some Trump supporters here, i do understand the frustrations with Hillary &the whole system, but he is not the answer. Your blog was refreshing, keep writing, Paul



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