This morning at On Being…

4 thoughts on “This morning at On Being…”

  1. As usual, I love this offering. “The Secret of life is enjoying the passage of time…” I have a ways to go on GETTING THAT; it’s a leap still. Your courage is infectious and what a beautiful thoughtful writer you are. I’m working on taking more creative initiative as I tend to “hide my light” a lot…these years. THANK YOU again dear Gayle!


    1. Thank you so much Melody! I think it does get more challenging as we get older to “let our light shine” because of fatigue or weariness or a host of other possible historical factors, but I think if we allow ourselves and even practice brightening our light (in whichever ways enliven us and give us pleasure — music, theatre, writing, sports, whatever) then we can keep becoming more truly and happily who we are — authentic, creative, connected (to ourself and others) and all that! Love you Melody!! xo


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