Anxiety, and the perilousness of our times…

2 thoughts on “Anxiety, and the perilousness of our times…”

  1. “There’s no time to lose, but we rush at our own peril.” Yes. Yes. Yes.

    For me it’s not so much rushing through each experience. I’ve always tended toward slow and methodical, envying those who can read a book in a day, write a near-perfect poem in one sitting.

    For me the “rushing” is wanting to do it all, so many good things calling me to say, “Yes”. And I don’t mean “good” ways to distract myself (although I’m definitely not immune to that problem). I mean “good for the world and for myself.” So many things to learn about (toxic algae), so much good work to support (the protection of Native American lands and cultural traditions is a new focus of my attention), so many fronts to help bring together (the climate movement and my Buddhist practice), so many conversations to nurture (sharing posts on Facebook and commenting on your blog are just two examples), and so many poems to read and write and respond to which requires retreat to Thoreau’s kind of quiet space.

    Thanks for all you do, Gayle, and in this moment, thanks for inspiring me to sit down in the quiet of my house (altho as I type, the quiet is disturbed by ambulance sirens, the sound of suffering) to reflect and connect with myself and you and your other readers.

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    1. Thank you Anita for engaging in the conversation in so many ways, verbal, written, walking-your-talk ways, your beautiful poetry. Your desire to mix the wisdom of wisdom traditions like Native American traditions and buddhism with the assertive and creative energy necessary to work for change. And not only your desire, your doing of it. I’m glad you’re taking time this morning for some “semi”-quiet/ urban-style reflection. xo, g

      ps. And yes! of course, you are right. there are many, many ways to rush through our lives, our practices, our relationships, etc.

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