Through a Glass Darkly…

6 thoughts on “Through a Glass Darkly…”

  1. Oh, I so appreciate your deep thought process in all it’s complexity and nuance in this entry. And the concept of “stress reduces empathy” can be applied to so many situations of conflict in life and indeed, the human condition. Side note: heard Melissa Harris-Perry on MSNBC last night respond to the question, “Why does BLM show up at Bernie Sanders’ rallies and not the others?” “Because he is the one who really wants and needs the Black vote.” Makes sense. Thank you for helping me to further clarify my thoughts and bring light to this difficult and painful process of looking within, reacting and responding.

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  2. Thanks Lisa. The “stress reduces empathy” thing was new to me, and I agree, it’s an excellent framework through which to understand a lot of things better, and take them less personally. I hope I can remember it the next time I witness someone lacking empathy toward me or another, and the next time I lack it myself. To take a step or two back and see where my stress and anxiety is coming from. To maybe show myself a little extra kindness.
    xo, g


  3. I remember once approaching a well known Native Ametican basket weaver in Yosemite at the Museum. My feelings were hurt when it was clear to me that she didn’t see me as a sympathetic ally but as the “other”. Even though, I didn’t like it, I had to acknowledge to myself that her feelings were sincere and based on trauma. It was tough to realize that I didn’t have the right to her approval.


    1. Ah, Sara, I so know what you mean. It’s hard for any, every, one to be judged by the color of their skin, ethnicity, nationality or whatever. It’s great when we can have empathy for the “other’s” suffering, so we don’t have to take their dis-interest or worse, their judgement personally. It’s sad that we human have such a rough time trusting/caring for the other. Evolutionarily speaking, if probably helped we humans who are here to survive, but it was always at a cost, and we’re still paying it.
      Thanks so much for today. For the lovely bday breakfast and perfect gifts. xo, g


  4. Again, loving your thoughts, strength clarity and questions. Swimming up and downstream metaphor a good one! Did u hear Hillary conversation with BLM folks? Firm voice that we won’t change all the hearts; we can change laws and systems and we must have plans–interesting.


    1. Thanks Melody! No, I didn’t hear Hillary talk about this. I should look it up. I agree laws and systems that uphold and reinforce racism need to be changed. However there will still need to be some change of hearts (or pressure from their electorate) to get legislators and the judiciary to change the laws. So, it’s a little bit chicken and egg. Hopefully we can have both chicken and egg. xo, g


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