A little pep talk…

3 thoughts on “A little pep talk…”

  1. Fabulous post! Just what I needed! and what I need a community for, and pals, and our family of friends and neighbors and strangers who give high-fives with their hands and smiles. Thank you thank you thank you.


  2. You are on fire Gayle, and if it comes from being angry or upset or disillusioned, so be it, but you are on fire and therefore inspriring. A Real powerful post. thanks Gayle, keep it coming……funny i am reading your post just right after i wrote a few selfsorry pages in my little diary. So it was like a wake up call., reminding me that there is a much bigger cause to dedicate oneself too.


    1. LOL. I try to be calm. But yes, I am on fire. Their cruelty is too great. We have to remind our wonderfulness and our strength, and join with each other. thank you dear Paul, for your words. xo, g


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