A visit home.

4 thoughts on “  A visit home.”

  1. Speaking up. Yes, we need to, I want to. And yes, it’s hard.

    I’m noticing how I keep my mouth shut even with people of my own “tribe,” even about subjects like homelessness and climate change which everyone I know agrees are serious problems, but many feel are “too depressing to think about.” As if the Buddha’s advice about wise speech being “timely” means that I should only express my own fears about the state of the world with people who are ready to say, “Me too. Let’s talk. Here’s what I’m doing.” Rule 313? 🙂


    1. Thanks Gayle for writing this blogpost. Thanks for voicing your truth in your blog, and in that round of 12 or 13 in your mother’s congregation. That conflict that occured seems so relevant. You are using your voice to be an activist and truth teller,
      And therefore you are a great example for me.


      1. Dear Paul, Thank you! I’ve always found the world mysterious in both awesomeness and terror. I’m still trying to sort it out — to hold complexity and paradox and see something true in the mix. Putting it into words on “paper” is helpful to me. I feel grateful if my musings are of some use or value to others too because connection is part of the mystery. Much love, xo, g


    2. Hi Anita, Yes, I know it’s so hard to talk about socio-political-economic-spiritual stuff with people of differing views, not to mention food! Food may be the hardest. Before I can even breathe the word “kale”, people start looking at me like I am a personal threat to their well-being. LOL. Talking WITH and not TO others is the hardest thing! xo, g


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