Grey Day…

4 thoughts on “Grey Day…”

  1. I enjoyed your piece and could certainly relate today. And I loved the photos of you, too. Thanks for brightening my day with both.


  2. Beautiful writing, Gayle. Community is such a puzzle in this world we’ve created. Like you, I’ve been “in community” with so many people over the decades, wonderful people I worked with, raised children with, envisioned a better world with, etc. My mind frequently defaults to wondering what exactly community means at this late stage of life, when especially on gray days (inside and out) everything seems to be disappearing, including former communities.

    I just opened a new book this morning “Come of Age: The Case for Elderhood in a Time of Trouble” by Stephen Jenkinson. It’s a thick book about many aspects of this Time of Trouble. I’m hoping to find some new insights into the subject of community. I’ll let you know!

    Grateful as always for your posts. xoxo


    1. And I’m grateful as always for your response. I’ll be interested to know about the new book — if there’s stuff of value for us — and for the Olives… thx, xo, g


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