I’m a writer.

8 thoughts on “I’m a writer.”

  1. Wonderful piece! I love your description of how you approach writing and how photography allows you to slow down and see and share. Thank you. 🙏


  2. As always you voice very familiar sympatico observations and your words resonate. You ARE A WRITER. I am impressed by your commitment to do it (most of the/my battle); your words move and attract; they shed light; they open brain and heart; they make me reflect and I feel less alone, part of a larger sea of creative people. You ARE A PHOTOGRAPHER! I love your cuttings in the sink and all the beauty you record. I think you are fuller, more beautiful and more powerful than you have ever been! And TO BE OF USE has always been one of my all time faves…I will revisit but the compunction yo be useful still pulls me. Getting a grasp on this retirement thing, my own agenda and BEING.


    1. Thank you Melody. I still love the Mary Oliver and marge Piercy poems.. AND there’s something to look at more closely here. Why girl children got trained in this way and not boys, and how “useful” and “good” were determined by those adults who put those “have-to’s” on girl children… xoxoxo


  3. In earlier times I grappled with calling myself an Artist. Seemed presumptuous. How to know if what I put out there was Art? Finally I had the blinding flash of the obvious that of COURSE it was Art. I may not be GOOD art, it may be HORRIBLE art, but it’s art, all right.

    Based on the images of the hammock and the dear, been-there-and-still-going-places face, I conclude that you are not only a photographer, but a good and discerning photographer at that. Congratulations!


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