Brave & Afraid AF, Part 2

4 thoughts on “Brave & Afraid AF, Part 2”

  1. Great piece Gayle – feeling all of those paradoxes and just wanting to curl up and cut myself off from news and wanting to go out there and kick Trump and all of his cronies in the balls. Starting to feel like all of this fighting won’t change a thing, but knowing for sure that to not meet means absolutely nothing will change. We are really at a point where there is no choice and I choose to fight and hope that there are more sane and smart people than not. xo


    1. Dearest Terri, Yes!! I agree. We ARE at the point of no choice. And yet there is always choice. Some will not choose to fight. I am happy you have made the choice to fight. I too hope (and pray) there are “more sane and smart people than not.” xoxo, g


  2. Yes, “Every woman has her list” as an old friend said to me this week as we sat comparing notes on how 70+ years of life in the patriarchy had shaped us. Thanks for adding your stories to this essential conversation. Loved the Crouching Tiger clip. If only the “enemy” were within such close reach. . .<3


    1. I love that Crouching Tiger clip too. “I am the dragon from the desert!” If only the “enemy” could be sorted out with a few masterfully delivered blows. Still, I loved contemplating the possibility.


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