Au revoir, Canada!

8 thoughts on “Au revoir, Canada!”

    1. Yes, Cj…. thank you for reading and responding. I am def. still reeling from having witnessed this this morning. And yes. just disgusted, and heartbroken. xo, g


  1. Hi Gayle

    Loved your beautiful description of Canada.

    I am so sorry you had to have such a terrible incident on the train leaving Canada. I feel bad fir you and very sad for those people whose son was sent back to Canada.

    We sadly are not a welcoming country.

    Hope you can enjoy some happy times with Anna and her husband in New York.

    Sending good thoughts and hugs your way.

    Love Sandy and Jere

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    1. Dear Sandy, I so appreciate your reading my blog and writing to me with your thoughts and good wishes. Though it was a horrible thing to witness, I was glad that I was there to witness what happened and that I could use my voice in this blog, in whatever way I can, to call attention to the injustice, the cruelty of it. You are so right. We are NOT a welcoming country. Canada IS. The juxtaposition is severe. It breaks my heart for all of us. For those being imprisoned and deported instead of welcomed, as well as for those of us who thought we lived in a “good” country, only to wake up and find the terror of it for many, and the unkindness of it toward most. I am grateful though for the really good Americans I know exist — and for great neighbors and friends — like you and Jere in my life. We have to vote like crazy (and get everyone we know and don’t know to vote) in November! xo, g


  2. I’m in tears reading this account and how we’ve degenerated into a fear based country. At least this sad incident is book ended by good travels in Canada and a visit to Anna. Sending love.


    1. Dear Terri, yes! Tears. It was a gut-punching re-realization of the character of our society, especially so juxtaposed to the welcoming and inclusive character of Canadian society. My pain feels tiny next to the suffering of that family wrenched from their lives, made to suffer (with no good reason), made to endure high costs (the cost of the unfulfilled train ride alone for four, not to mention the cost of the cab, whatever fines there might be, an up-ended life. Who knows if they were on their way to a family wedding, or funeral, or what? Maybe to tend to a sick relative? And then, that, multiplied thousands of times over — what our god-forsaken country is doing to innocent people. I feel lucky I got to learn about Canada and her people, and of course, now, lucky to be seeing my Anna. Love you, dear sister. xo, g


  3. Oh Gayle! A heart-breaking-open post. Thanks for bearing witness, taking loving action to write to your experience and model what can be done by all of us.


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