A Gift After All: Mom, Memoir, Monsoon, & Madness

2 thoughts on “A Gift After All: Mom, Memoir, Monsoon, & Madness”

  1. Love this, as usual! MEMOIR, autobiography YES…and understand all the “afters.” Thanks too for the HO poem. To a bit of a regret, one of the books I sold on Amazon was my paperback of HO’s poems (my political paperbacks find a market in other countries!) But I thought the line was after rain, flowers…so am happy to have the correction. Love banana grams too and sending love, light, laughter to you and Bea.
    xoxo Melody

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  2. Somehow I missed this one, Gayle. Until tonight when I read your newest and found this as well. I love them both. You’ve definitely found your blogging voice. I think a memoir would be a wonderful new project. After. . . the midterms? Or must we wait until after. . .we elect a leader who writes poetry? So what if it takes forever to finish? Start. xoxo

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