Let’s hear it for social integration!

2 thoughts on “Let’s hear it for social integration!”

  1. Gayle, your writing always astounds me. Not just your honesty but the extent to which you research and find ways to share whatever you are pondering. I totally hear you about the social integration thing. For me the whole Occupy movement filled a void for a brief moment or at least made me feel what I was missing. I want to be part of something with others creating this short future that awaits me. It just seems so impossible at times. Do we all wind up living separately and not enjoying the community your mother has found? I can’t imagine being in that environment of assisted living controlled by others. I can’t even afford the similar ones being created for gay people and I also don’t want to be segregated in that way but I do want to be able to be myself. There seems to be no there there for me. Thanks as always for sharing so much of yourself. xo Charlotte


    1. Dear Charlotte, Thank you so much for your comment. A long time I felt that way about belonging to the Left. Like I belonged to something. But it never held up in terms of my own life, or the way I saw people treat each other, when the going was not as easy. I have always longed to be part of a community, and mostly just haven’t felt it. My mother really “lucked” into hers, because it is affordable ($2,000 a month for a two bedroom, two bath apt. with kitchen, and a really great activities program. It really works for her.) Still I can’t see myself living in a place with only old people. I want to live multi-generationally, and multi-everything. But most places, especially in big cities like yours and mine cost an arm and a leg that most of us cannot afford. Passing the 70 mark this year, and feeling the whoosh of time passing, I too am very concerned about what the future holds, how we’re going to manage this next and last trimester of life. It feels daunting, but one of Marie Forleo’s favorite sayings, which I think has value for me too, is Everything is figure-out-able. It’s not a given we can figure this one out, but surely worth the effort. xo, g.


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