On hope, beauty, meaning, & belonging…

4 thoughts on “On hope, beauty, meaning, & belonging…”

  1. Dear Gayle, Thanks for writing your blog, I don’t read every single one, but probably most of your entries. I am always glad to hear your voice, and am so impressed with your writing abilities It seemed like i read the last two entries in a row, because right after reading one the Next one popped up….but i know it’s probably because i haven’t looked at my e-mails In a few days. I just wanted to thank you! Much love, Paul


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    1. Dear Paul, Is this Paul from CE? I know a few Pauls, so I’m not sure which Paul this is. Thank you so much for your kind words. I never know when the words go out whether they will simply continue out down that long cyber canyon out to the ocean, or the atmosphere, or whether they will occasionally land in someone’s ear, heart, and mind. It always makes me happy to hear that sometimes they do “land”. My posts have been coming out a little less frequently, more like every 2-3 weeks, than every week. You were right when you noticed these two came out quite close together. No rhyme or reason, the writing just came. So I wrote, and I posted. 🙂 xo, g


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