2 thoughts on “Words!”

  1. Excellent; provocative; will reread and also want to read the articles you refer to; Tom Friedman today talks in his op ed piece that this sense of truth, fact (authentic) is at risk on deepest levels–your thoughts resonate and deepen. Am in continual discussion re critique methods at my workshop; our ability to open up to feedback, to “support” and to “honestly respond” to the experience of another’s work/communication. Important dialogues of HOW TO DO THIS NEW WAYS; what of the old ways (that can seem harsh, judgmental, but “honest” ) have relevance in professional setting (that standard of excellence and skills)…


  2. Wonderful, thought-provoking and thoughtful (as in kind to readers and self) piece, Gayle. I especially was intrigued by Hannah Arendt’s urging to pay attention to both inner and outer dialogue. A reminder to listen to that On Being interview with Lyndsey Stonebridge. And an “encouraging word” to get back to writing practice, for me often a place for rich inner dialogue, asking the question “What do I mean by. . .?”


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