Whitefish and beyond… finding reality

6 thoughts on “Whitefish and beyond… finding reality”

  1. I’m with you 100 percent!!! Reading a book called “Strangers in their own land: anger and mourning in the American right”. Still trying to understand and make sense of this great paradox of people voting against their best self interest. Scary times and good for you for taking care of yourself. We all have to be at our best for the foreseeable future. Love you.

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    1. Thank you Terri. Yes, it’s such a paradox and mystery how so many people could be persuaded to act against their own real self interest. How is the book your reading? xo, g


  2. You’re brave to even tackle this. I got nothin’. Someone did try to explain to me why people vote against their own interests. Seems the poor vote for someone like DT because they want to be him. They want to live in a gilded world surrounded by supermodels where they can say and do anything without consequences. And they believe whatever he says because it feeds their fantasies.
    But I do not know how to reconcile fanciful aspirations with reality.
    Half of my family lives in a red state. Almost all of their friends (real and on Facebook) are conservative Christians. These people are kind. They’d do anything for my elderly mom. But their posts are nothing short of insane. Even now, they continue to demonize Obama and HRC in the most outlandish ways.
    One of these women recently braved a hurricane to check on my mom because there was no phone service, and then started railing against immigrants, conveniently dismissing the fact that my mother is one. This causes no dissonance for her.
    Sadly, I see no common ground. The rise of cleverly disguised fake news and the concomitant systematic delegitimization of bona fide news sources are partly at fault. But that aside, how can anyone listen to—or read the Tweets of—our Pres-elect and not see a mean, ill-mannered lying braggart? A reasonably well-socialized 6-year-old knows that his behavior is unacceptable. And yet…
    I also was naive about how much hate was simmering just below the surface. And now, it seems, it’s socially acceptable to express it. To think that my mother, whose family fled their homes to evade the Nazis (some weren’t so lucky and died in the camps) should have to see white supremacists, arms raised in salute, chanting “Heil, Trump” in America is an obscenity.
    I know that all those lovely things you mentioned—integrity, morality, ethics—are still out there. You see them in small acts of kindness and larger acts of sacrifice. The Rockette who refused to dance at the inauguration; the singer who tearfully left the Mormon Tabernacle Choir—clearly something that meant the world to her—because she couldn’t remain with an organization that agreed to serenade our next President. And President Carter parting ways with the Southern Baptist Church that has long sustained him over issues of women’s inequality. Little glimmers of decency. They provide some solace, but I don’t see how they help us bridge the gap.
    I know the other side believes that we are the crazy ones. But try as I might, I can’t understand their thinking. I understand their anger and frustration and disappointment, but their actions are misguided and their reasoning nonexistent. And fact-checking is either beyond their ken or too inconvenient or not important to them. Maybe it’s as simple as, “I’m angry, so I voted for the angry guy.”
    He’s not going to snap out of it. He can’t. Look at his Happy New Year Tweet to the country. Just another ill-considered, rude, self-serving, untruthful, divisive f**k you to the majority of Americans who, he keeps forgetting, did not vote for him.
    Apologies for the longwinded rant. Once I get started…

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    1. Thanks Pam for stopping by. I totally agree with all your points. I don’t know if I’m brave. I tackle this stuff because if I don’t, it tackles me. I write to try to sort all this stuff out in my mind, all the obscure connections that might shine some light, or not. No apologies necessary. I appreciate your writing and your thoughts on all this. It is so very very difficult and frustrating to comprehend, but also good to know that there are things being done, and that we can choose to participate in the resistance. For me it’s a direct line back to Germany in the 30s. I just think what I would have wanted people to say and do. Maybe Hitler couldn’t have been stopped, but maybe he could’ve. That’s the way I feel about Trump. I don’t want to regret having not given it my best shot. So I do, by trying to understand, by signing every petition that comes my way, by figuring out how I can participate in the resistance and asking and hoping my friends will join me too. xo, g


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