Cuba en mi corazón

6 thoughts on “Cuba en mi corazón”

  1. So great you were part of this history and sharing it with us. A little story about a big man who took on the powers that be. I love the image of him in the car without the security any of our leaders need. Thank you for your compassion and honesty.
    xo Charlotte


    1. I consider myself so lucky. I got to see a different model of society at work — the good and the bad. The beautiful, heroic effort of it. And yes, that image of Fidel standing in the car and Tania’s words still brings a smile to my face. xo, g


  2. Your story provides a windoew into a world not many of us has experienced. Thank you for writing and sharing your experience. Love the photo of you too.


    1. Thank you Terri. It’s a window with a particular viewpoint. Mine. And as you can tell, I don’t fit in hardly anyone’s idea of a “politically correct” viewpoint. But it’s my truth, so I’m telling it as I lived and understood it. xo, g


  3. I’m reading and responding to this in Colombia, one of the many Latin American countries that saw Fidel and the Cuban revolution as a model of how to break free from the Yanqui empire and build Cuba for the Cubans. Of course, mistakes. Of course, forced to rely on Soviet empire because of U.S. blockade. Of course, repression of those who liked the way things were and then worked so hard to take the country back there.

    I’m not exactly sure how it fits with your story of Fidel on parade in an open car, but a friend pointed out on FB yesterday that there were over 600 foiled U.S. plots on Fidel’s life. I suppose the open car was possible because plotters were in prison.

    Thanks for telling your story. A young Dutch woman I met at dinner last night remarked, after we had compared life histories, that I had lived through such an interesting time (the ’60s). I told her it looks like we’re both here for the beginnings of another one!


    1. So good to hear from you all the way from Colombia. We both keep living (fully) learning and loving. So happy to share our journeys. Wishing you a safe, wondrous journey in Colombia And yes. probably a good part of the reason Fidel could ride in a totally open car mere feet away from the throngs of people was the high incarceration rate of dissidents. I hadn’t thought about it then in that context, though I was very aware of the complexities existing, and not knowing the specifics. I knew there had been tons of bizarrely creative assassination attempts on Fidel’s life. He must have felt good to have survived them all. It couldn’t have been easy. I have a feeling that when ALL the evidence comes out, there’s going to be plenty to support both sides of the divide, and we’ll all just have to either choose sides, or sit with the paradox.
      We had a brilliant On Being conversation tonight — Maxe, Montsie, Andrea and me — though we didn’t listen to an OnBeing podcast. Instead listened to an old sermon of MLK Jr. given in 1957 titled “Loving Your Enemies”. It was SO moving! Missed having you with us! xo, g


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