Because… Nourishment.

2 thoughts on “Because… Nourishment.”

  1. Love you Gayle!

    On Tue, May 31, 2016 at 3:39 PM, Gayle Markow: As I am… wrote:

    > Gayle posted: “My good friend and wonderful writer/human Rita Kampen > recently visited from Vancouver where she lives. It was a glorious visit. > We talked and talked and talked. I love her wisdom. She told me not to move > too quickly to “therefore”. “Let go of the ‘therefo” >


  2. Hi my sweet friend Gayle; started skimming as you moved into other’s wisdom, promise to come back, but must tackle some of the less pleasing real life demands of the day. I do know you’re for Bernie from your FB declaration; and certainly know Diane is too. I have a little of the opposite experiences. Around many Bernie enthusiasts, I’ve been quiet. I am far from rabid Hillary but did decide who she is and her experience felt good for the current status of the world–I was in a very pragmatic place early on, not enthused but there. LOTS OF PUZZLEMENT as I expected I’d feel more keen on Bernie, always liking snippets of things he’s said over the years, and yet the continual and I feel rather limited spectrum bothered me; I certainly felt young members of my family, the Chicago gang, were pro Bernie; have missed being able to talk more with folks, AND defeating the Republicans and now TRUMP is something I care about deeply. The Bernie-Hillary respect of early debates felt good; IDEAS were discussed. I have not been around ANY strong HRC supporters saying she was entitled to it etc. I have been concerned, frightened by the parallel to OUR SUPPORT of McGovern…and the landslide of NIXON who did enormous damage; then the NADER PARALLEL where Gore was seen as being the “same” as Bush. NOT SO. The loss of nuance bothers. Also I’ve always felt pragmatic around Electoral Politics, anchored in the manner of thought to VOTE for the “lesser of compromise”, and VOTING is just one way we make REAL CHANGE. Somehow the ideas of Bernie and REVOLUTION still appeal; and somehow I don’t see him as the leader–so the mobilization has been great, but the purism and now the comments of how unqualified she is truly bother me, there has been hateful snippets–I suppose on both sides but Bernie supporters NOT GOING TO THE POLLS or writing in a third candidate really seems dangerous. I fear people staying home. FOR ME it is mostly about feasible changes and has not felt like the climate for remaking everything is upon us. It is such a polarized time with the RIGHT and RACISM on display terrifying. The Supreme Court usually is my big voting factor. I too love Robert Reich and from the beginning WANT A DEMOCRAT cause I think as disappointing as it-they are, there are differences, and the DEMS are better.

    I love the AND/BUT awareness. I remember that differentiation from the EST training I once took. YES! Adamant to find out what the fuss was about back in 1980–I did the EST training when I had a good job; but that little word change STUCK. AND just is a whole other way to look at the ballgame than BUT!


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