Green is for Gun

6 thoughts on “Green is for Gun”

    1. It was Terri. Fascinating, and inspiring. I’ll never forget her and the millions of women and children her courage and outspokenness represent. xo, g


    1. Yay! Me too. Her speech and her presence inspired me, and her book continues to inspire. I was hoping to share that inspiration toward courage with others, so it makes me happy that that’s what happened for you. 🙂 xo, g


  1. I’m doubly inspired—first by Shirin Ebadi who said, “a backward step is only in order to leap higher and farther forward.” ….and also by Gayle Markow (yes, you there in the cafe writing this blog) for taking the time to share what you glean from being awake in your own life. Yay both of you!

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