My horoscope & other thoughts

6 thoughts on “My horoscope & other thoughts”

  1. If we were done being works in process, we would be become boring. Thank you for your honesty, sensitivity and your heart on your sleeve AND by the way I love my tiny pot. It sits on my desk and the tiny plant is well and fine. I even bought a tiny plate in a thrift store to go with it. Love you.

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    1. Totally agree Terri. Sometimes I think we’re not really done until we’re dead. Though some people give up early, believing they’ve already become whoever they think they should be earlier on. But as you said, boring. I’m happy your little pot made it home with you on the long drive. And that you found a little plate for it. When I made the tiny plates I was thinking of them being for rings or other tiny things to put on them, so I didn’t give them away with the pots. But I’m glad you found one. xoxoxo


  2. Terri is right about boring. What would we be like if we stopped being “works in progress”? Static? Finished growing? Satisfied with self, i.e. self-satisfied? Love the little ceramic things and your little thought nuggets. I noticed that at the beginning of the piece, I thought Lenny was a guy. Only when I realized Lenny was Lena and the voices there were women’s, did I feel drawn to take a look. An interesting look at my own thoughts and feelings. Where will I grow from here?! 🙂

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    1. Yep, me too. Thought not only was Lenny probably a guy, but a spam guy. Don’t know why I took the risk, but glad I did. As Ram Dass used to teach all the time, “you never know”. Glad you read all the way to the end to find out about LENNY. Seems like it’s worth knowing about. More riches! 🙂 xo, g


  3. Thank for the Lenny tip. I don’t think I could handle two more emails a week, plus it’s owned by Hearst media, which I suppose it a good thing for Lenny’s creators and contributors. That all said, it does look intriguing.

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