Pushing myself a little further…

4 thoughts on “Pushing myself a little further…”

  1. Pushing yourself. And inspiring me and other readers who are trying to push through to the other side of our silent selves. Beautifully written. . .that’s inspiring to see too.

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  2. Thank you for the reminder to speak out. It’s so easy to be overwhelmed and resigned to the world as it is. It feels to me like nothing can change as I watch so much fear, ignorance and racism grow in scope and become part of who we are instead of a fringe element. But then reading your words reminds me that this will become the new normal if we stop speaking up and that I dont want to accept this for myself and my children. Love you.


    1. Love you! And happy to hear my post inspired you. I guess that’s how I felt when I read Audre Lorde’s words. It’s so easy to go to default position, but that’s not who we are when we’re being our best self. One can’t always do it, but it’s a good thing to aspire to. xoxo, g


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