When news feels personal…

3 thoughts on “When news feels personal…”

  1. Thanks for sharing. As usual, well written. I too hope for more steps. Looking back (that 20/20 hindsight), it seemed like the 60’s were the happening times. Much social and political change…civil rights, love, flower power, end of war (we did finally leave Vietnam). But in reality, not much really changed … Racial prejudice is maybe not talked about or acknowledged–but it is almost as strong as it was in the 60’s (witness all the unjustified killings by police)…Physical love is still only ok between a man and a woman, according to the radical right–well, maybe not so radical right , as most republican politicians decried the recent Supreme Court decision (requiring all states to allow same sex marriage) as judicial tyranny, vowing to continue to fight the law of the land– And what about a woman’s right to choose—not so easy now in many of our “conservative states”… And voting rights… Wow, I really try to not think about all this negative stuff. Much better to think about the steps we are taking now!! Hope to visit Cuba in the near future! Sorry for ranting😕😕


    1. Thanks Sue for your great “rant”. No apology necessary. Everything you said is true. For me, I think we need to be able to look clearly and directly at the “negative stuff” as well as acknowledging the positive steps being taken, whenever and wherever they are. Because we NEED celebration in our life too! Otherwise, we might tend to become grim and cynical, which is of no benefit to anyone. But if we don’t look at the “negative stuff” we won’t see it at all, and won’t be motivated to work to change it, then change it! Then, celebrate.! much love, g.

      ps. take a look at my last post on Life’s Longing for Itself.. because I think you can see that, despite reactionary forces in the world (the political right-wing in this country, Fox news, certain corporations, Wall St., white cop on people of color violence), things actually have changed to some extent, and especially in the younger generations, who, generally-speaking, I believe are much more tolerant and accepting of the “other” than their parents and grandparents. This is a very good, positive development, despite an exceptionally deep streak of racism, homophobia, misogyny, anti-semitism, and gun violence in this country. It’s a mixed bag, but not all bad, and some stuff downright worthy of celebration. xo, g.


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