All things subterranean and soaring…

6 thoughts on “All things subterranean and soaring…”

    1. It’s a new concept to me too Cj. But I think it can be viewed that way, and I like to view it that way, now that I understand it as a strength and a talent. Glad you loved the videos.. They’re pretty amazing I think. 🙂 xo, g


  1. Some of the same things as you – actually you introduced me to:
    David Whyte
    Creativity Explored
    and from my genetic make-up:
    small things that others don’t see
    and I’m sure many others
    I like your list; I’ll work on mine.
    Love you.


  2. I want you to know that I have spent all morning in bed reading all your posts and watching the fascinating videos on all different matters and I am so impressed and also very honored to be traveling to France with a homing pigeon because I know I will never get lost again! Really enjoy all your thoughts and what they leed to.


    1. Haha! Now, you Will be the one who can hold me accountable for my bragging! I am so delighted to be going on this dream adventure with you. xo


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