All things subterranean and soaring…

6 thoughts on “All things subterranean and soaring…”

    1. It’s a new concept to me too Cj. But I think it can be viewed that way, and I like to view it that way, now that I understand it as a strength and a talent. Glad you loved the videos.. They’re pretty amazing I think. 🙂 xo, g


  1. Some of the same things as you – actually you introduced me to:
    David Whyte
    Creativity Explored
    and from my genetic make-up:
    small things that others don’t see
    and I’m sure many others
    I like your list; I’ll work on mine.
    Love you.


  2. I want you to know that I have spent all morning in bed reading all your posts and watching the fascinating videos on all different matters and I am so impressed and also very honored to be traveling to France with a homing pigeon because I know I will never get lost again! Really enjoy all your thoughts and what they leed to.


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