Brave and Afraid AF — Part One

4 thoughts on “Brave and Afraid AF — Part One”

  1. He probably thought of the butt grab and comment as affectionate but if it wasn’t ok with you, it wasn’t ok or appropriate


    1. I had no choice as a child. I do not think, and did not mean to imply he was a sexual predator. See my above PS. As an adult, I had lost the ability to say No! I was terrified of his rage. Even when he was 80, I was terrified of him. When he had dementia, he turned sweet and harmless; then it was I was able to love him and not be afraid. xo, g


  2. Is it still like this, I wonder? Father is to be feared. “The hand”! The father of the ’50s–absent, emotionally and physically, many like mine “on the road” for business for days at a time, then appearing at the end of the work day or the work week (it was the fathers who did the work; what the mothers did was something else, something less important) to be tip-toed around, obeyed, feared. Clearly the system of patriarchy does not lead to men’s happiness any more than women’s.

    Thanks for writing your heart, Gayle. I look forward to listening to the podcast. Because of your courageous example of persistence in building community, I’ve been inspired to introduce this subject into conversations with myself and others and eliciting some interesting responses. 🙂


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